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Who Should Consider Business Insurance for Construction and Contracting?


Business insurance is crucial for construction and contracting firms, given the frequent occurrences of injuries, equipment damage, and property damage in these industries. To protect against employee injuries, workers' compensation coverage is essential. General liability coverage is necessary for injuries occurring on the job site that don't involve employees. Additionally, a business owner's policy is crucial to cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged equipment.

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What are the Different Types
of Construction and
Contracting Insurance?

We offer different types of insurance for construction business owners like you. 
Depending on the location of your business and other factors,
certain types might be better for you than others.

Workers' Compensation


This type of insurance for contractors helps protect your business if an employee is injured, contracts an illness, or dies as a result of an incident on the job.  It can cover medical costs, legal fees, and lost wages due to the injury.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company owns or leases vehicles, this policy protects the vehicles and drivers from any damage incurred during the course of business.  Our commercial auto insurance policies are offered through a subsidiary.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions)


Also know as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, this policy could protect you from the cost of damages and legal fees when someone claims your professional service caused financial harm to them or their business.  Coverage includes both mistakes on the part of your business (errors) and the failure to perform a service (omissions).  Professional liability (E&O) insurance should be considered if your business provides professional advice, offers a professional service, or has contractual requirements for the coverage.

General Liability 


Also known as commercial liability insurance, a general liability policy covers damages and legal costs associated with injury claims by customers and other people you don't employ, damage to other people's property that was caused by your business, and medical costs associated with these incidents.  It also covers libel, slander, and copyright infringement.  Plus, there are endorsements you can add to customize your policy, including contractors installation, tools & equipment, cyber, hired and non-owned auto liability, employment-related practices liability, and employee benefits liability.

Business Owners Policy  (BOP)


Also called property & liability insurance, a business owners policy (BOP), combines general liability with coverage for your company's property.  You'll get protection for the building you own, space you lease, and any property needed to run your business, while also receiving coverage for things like business interruption.  This can replace lost iincome, as well as cover other costs associated with getting your business back up and running after suffering property damage, such as the use of a temporary location.  You can also tailor your BOP with add-ons including cyber, hired and non-owned auto liability, employment-related practices liability, and employee benefits liability.



Every contracting insurance policy you purchase has a maximum value that it will cover in the event of an incident.  Umbrella insurance adds another layer of protection:  it can cover costs that exceed the limit of another liability policy, subject to its own limit.  Without it, you may be responsible for anything over your policy limit.  Business liability suits can easily exceed the actual value of many small businesses, so we highly recommend an umbrella policy to protect your company.


Wage & Welfare Bonds

Wage and welfare bonds are known by several names, such as wage bonds, welfare bonds, fringe benefit bonds, and union bonds. They are a type of financial guarantee surety bond.  Wage and welfare bonds are required to guarantee that an employer will honor the payments, contributions to funds, and benefits packages that they agree to provide to compensate employees from a union. Unions often require wage and welfare bonds when negotiating agreements with other companies. This bond helps unions have peace of mind that the employer will honor promised payments and contributions to the union.



This coverage can be purchased as an add-on to a general liability, professional liability, or BOP policy.  It helps cover the costs related to system hacks or data security breaches in which sensitive information has been stolen and fraud has occurred or there is a reasonable expectation that it might occur.

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