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Referral Program

Refer a Business Today

Do you know of a construction company and their employees that would benefit greatly by receiving professional assistance with payroll, benefits, risk management, human resources, data entry, certified payroll, union reporting and compliance?

Gain Peace of Mind

By partnering with My Construction Payroll, your clients, colleagues and friends will gain a comfort level and receive prompt personalized attention by payroll professionals with years of real-life experience in the construction and contracting industry.

Offer One Solution

Wouldn’t you and your referral appreciate one vendor to deliver all of the core tasks intertwined with payroll, benefits and human resources? Our turnkey model allows us to deliver customized service offerings more efficiently and strategically than providing à la carte services from various vendors and providers.

Construction Is All We Do

You know the administration pains that are specific to the construction industry. So does My Construction Payroll! Not only do we specialize in the construction industry, but our senior management team members were formerly owners, and before that, employees in the trade.

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

When you partner with My Construction Payroll, you gain the ability to leverage My Construction Payroll’s expertise and economies of scale to your clients.

Retain Your Clients

In today’s business environment, we all know how hard it is to retain our valued clients. By partnering with My Construction Payroll, you can be assured that we will not trespass on the services and products your clients have trusted you with delivering to them over the years.

Continue Being a Resource

By introducing My Construction Payroll’s valuable services to your clients, this will help facilitate their continued desire to seek out your advice and counsel when considering services of a similar nature.

Be Compensated

My Construction Payroll believes in paying a fair compensation and transparent fee for the time you will spend learning our offerings and being a true partner. When your referral becomes a My Construction Payroll client, you choose between receiving a fee paid for the life of the account, or My Construction Payroll can make a donation to the charity of your choice at your request.

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