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Risk Management

Manager and Worker

For any Business, Reducing Risk and Expenses is a Top Priority

My Construction Payroll assists you in maintaining a safe work environment and providing OSHA Construction Safety and Health programs. With legislative changes impacting the blue collar sector such as healthcare reform and new labor laws, many business owners are looking to partner with a PEO to gain peace of mind that they are in compliance with government regulations.

Cost of Risk is typically defined to include:

Insurance Premiums – These include but are not limited to general liability, auto, property, excess, workers compensation, professional liability, pollution liability, employment practices liability, inland marine, surety, and employee benefits.

Time spent analyzing and managing risk – This includes the time invested to identify potential losses and their causes and deciding on a strategy to manage those losses. It also includes time spent managing your safety program, human resources and claims.

Time spent dealing with losses – This could involve efforts to work with employees and designated clinics for a workers compensation claim, dealing with an insurance adjuster on a property claim, or participating in your defense of a lawsuit against your company.

Retained losses – Losses are either retained on purpose (deductibles, self insured retentions or self insurance) or by accident. Effective risk management should help avoid retaining a loss accidentally.

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Our Risk Management and Safety Services include:

  • Fully Insured Workers’ Compensation Coverage

  • Dedicated Loss Prevention Specialist

  • EMR Reduction Assistance

  • Fraudulent Claims Investigation

  • OSHA Compliance and Training

  • Complete Claims Administration

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