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Streamlining Construction: A Comprehensive Guide to EMR Reduction for Contractors

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

As a contractor, you understand the importance of managing costs and ensuring efficiency in your projects. One significant expense that often goes unnoticed is Workers Compensation insurance. Overcharges, insurance carrier errors, and misclassified information can lead to substantial financial losses for your business. That's where My Construction Payroll comes in to help you uncover and reduce these costs with our specialized Workers Compensation Review process.

The Workers Compensation Review Process

At My Construction Payroll, our mission is to assist clients in identifying potential cost-saving opportunities related to Workers Compensation insurance. Our comprehensive process involves:

1. Verify Classification Codes and Experience Modifiers: Incorrect classification codes and experience modifiers can lead to overpayments. Our experts meticulously analyze your policies to ensure they accurately represent your business. 2. Examine Payroll Audits for Possible Errors: Payroll audits can be complicated, and mistakes can lead to unnecessary costs. Our team will meticulously review your audits to identify and rectify any inaccuracies. 3. Obtain Refunds of Past Overcharges: If we find any overcharges from previous policies, we'll work diligently to secure refunds for you, ensuring you get back the money rightfully yours. 4. Correct Experience Mod Errors for Better Bidding and Premiums: Experience modification errors can significantly impact your ability to bid competitively and may raise your premiums. Our experts will address and correct these errors to optimize your bidding process.

The Astonishing Figures

You might be wondering why this process is crucial for your construction business. The numbers speak for themselves:

- 📊 45% of Employers are Overcharged for Workers Compensation Insurance: Almost half of all employers face overcharges in their Workers Compensation premiums, leading to significant financial burdens.

- 📊 25% is the Average Overcharge of Annual Workers Compensation Premiums: On average, companies are overpaying a quarter of their Workers Compensation premiums due to various errors and miscalculations.

The Hidden Overpayments

Are you unknowingly overpaying your workers' comp premiums? Surprisingly, over 75% of companies are! The complex and ever-changing rules surrounding Workers Compensation make it challenging to navigate. Insurance companies may not be motivated to catch mistakes, leaving hard-earned money slipping through your fingers.

Let's Get Your Money Back!

At My Construction Payroll, we have a proven track record of helping our clients reclaim lost money. Over 90% of the businesses we've assisted have received refunds, recovering millions of dollars in overpaid insurance premiums.

Risk-Free and Rewarding

You may be hesitant to embark on this process, fearing more expenses. Worry not! We operate on a performance-based model. You only pay when we successfully collect money on your behalf, so there's no risk involved.

Take Action Today!

Don't let your profits erode due to avoidable Workers Compensation costs. Schedule your Workers Compensation Policy Review now by calling 1-800-466-0506. Let My Construction Payroll help you regain control of your expenses and enhance your business's financial health. You owe it to your hard work and dedication to protect your bottom line.

My Construction Payroll EMR Reductions for Contractors

Remember, every dollar saved on Workers Compensation is a dollar invested in the growth and success of your construction business. Act now and secure a brighter future for your company.


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