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Going Beyond Construction Payroll Software with Services by

My Construction Payroll goes beyond 'Construction Payroll Software.' Some things can't be simplified with a click. With My Construction Payroll, you simply call in your payroll, and your dedicated hands-on payroll consultant will handle all your complex construction payroll, reporting, compliance, and more!


Tailored for 'only' the CONSTRUCTION industry, we're the perfect fit for contractors of any scale. Unlike big-name payroll service providers, we truly understand Construction Payroll.


Our Services Include:


- Automatic prevailing wage calculations and certified payroll reporting, no more manual spreadsheet calculations


- Calculating the correct pay rates for employees working different trades, states, cities, and union jurisdictions in a single timesheet


- State-of-the-art union reports for easy compliance with union wage reporting, tracking, and audits


- Easy-to-use reports that tie burden back to specific jobs, giving a clear picture of labor costs


- Handling different trades and tax jurisdictions, paychecks, and direct deposits

Learn more with your choice of a Discovery Call or Customized-Demonstration when you click on our Free-Quote below! Free Quote Click Here [ ]

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