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Outsourcing Union Payroll

When Outsourcing Union Payroll to My Construction Payroll, we combine fringe trust management with sophisticated certified payroll reporting technology to help your company save on taxes, workers’ compensation, and general liability. My Construction Payroll helps you determine and claim the correct amount of fringe credits, eliminate fringe overpayment, and avoid common errors.

- Assigns Prevailing and Fringe Rates

- Creates WH347, EEO and City-Specific Reports

- Reduces the risk of fines and failed audits

- Uploads to LCMS, LCP tracker and more

- Integrates with most software

As the first ever construction-specific PEO (Professional Employer Organization), we have merged years of expertise in the PEO and Construction industries with union reporting, certified payroll, prevailing wage jobs along with its complex nuances. The Professional Employer Organization advantages include human resources solutions, risk management, top tier benefits and workers compensation.

As a Construction-Specific PEO, we work with all unions, and merit shops; have an established rapport with a variety of city, state, and government agencies, and provide the added cushion of enhanced liability protection.

Learn More About Our Services, Backed By Hands-On Support!

Call 1-800-466-0506 [Serving New York, New Jersey, Long Island Contractors]

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