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The 411 on Certified Payroll

Creating Certified Payroll Reports can be a long and tough job, taking up many hours. Even after finishing them, they might not be exactly right. But at My Construction Payroll, we make things easier. We gather all the needed info when we do your payroll, so your Certified Payroll Reports are good to go as soon as the payroll is done. The info in the reports matches the actual payroll perfectly - no extra work! We've got you covered!

Working with the government involves lots of rules and reporting that can give Contractors big headaches. Staying up to date with the laws is like a full-time job. But with My Construction Payroll, you don't have to worry. We do the hard work for you! We've spent over 25 years mastering Construction-Specific Payroll & Workers Compensation processes, for both Union and Non-Union scenarios. This means we're really good at making sure everything is accurate, and it helps you lower risks and make more money.

Don't waste your time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can make things easier for you! Call 1-800-466-0506


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