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Your One-Stop Payroll Service: Prevailing Wage, Davis Bacon, Union Payroll And More!

My Construction Payroll Prevailing Wage Davis Bacon Union Payroll and More

Contractors Are You Ready For Seamless Transition?


Say goodbye to the headaches of prevailing wage payroll management and manual data entry. Let My Construction Payroll take the reins and seamlessly transition your public works and union projects to effortless automation.


Multi-State Masters

Whether you're operating across state lines or within a single jurisdiction, our expertise spans multiple states, ensuring compliance and accuracy across the board.


Comprehensive Problem Solvers

From certified payroll submissions to our lightning-fast adrenaline-backed reports, we've got you covered. Contractors, My Construction Payroll is your one-stop destination for all things Payroll, HR, Tracking, Reporting, Compliance, Benefits, Insurances, Bonds and more!


We Also Handle All:  Paycheck (Printing, Stuffing, Delivery), Direct Deposits (Same Day/Next Day) I-9 Compliance, Garnishments, and Unemployment Claims.


Leave the payroll complexities to us and focus on what you do best – Your Building Excellence.



Call Us Toll Free at:   1-800-466-0506


SERVING:  New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Contractors


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